Bed & Breakfast Marty & Giuly
Via Leonese, n.7
70020 Bitetto (BA)
Tel: +393382958905

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where we are: Via Leonese, n.7 Bitetto (BA)
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This laughing city can be caught up from three directions, from the highway escape of Bitonto on a14 Ancona-Taranto following indications, or arriving from the SS96 Bari-Altamura-Matera exited Bitetto or from the SS98 Bari-Canosa-Foggia exited Palo del Colle continuing then like from street indications.

Besides to decide of an own Railway station on the draft Bari-Taranto (13 Km), from close Evident Bari airport we assure a shuttle service behind carried out reservation. In order to reach easily instead with means own turns towards the income of the center historical and, there adjacent continued towards the center of the citizen P.zza Aldo Moro to the cathedral mother of Saint Michele, you will find Bed & Breakfast Marty & Giuly that will be happy for receiving and for accommodating with the maximum cure.